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New site layout
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As you can see, we have a shiny new layout for the main site. The previous one was fun and sexy but it was a little on the dark side and I thought we needed something with a bit more color. Hope you all like it! I’m still doing some minor tweaking but if you find any serious issues, please let me know. And don’t forget to let us know what you think of the new look!

Posted by Lisa on January 19, 2011 • Leave a comment? / 4 Comments

New candid policy
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The response to the informal poll I did a few months ago was overwhelmingly in favor of the site continuing to post candid photos of Anne.  Due to that, I’ve decided that we will keep posting candid photos.  Please note though that photos deemed overly intrusive (photographer climbing trees, hiding in bushes, etc.) or photos where Anne is trying to hide or it is clear that she doesn’t want her photo taken will not be added.  If at any time Anne makes it publicly known that she doesn’t like the paparazzi attention, the policy will be revised.

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I’ve been a very bad webmiss, I know.  There’s a lot going on in my “real” life and I had to put all of my sites on hold for a bit.  Things will continue to be like this for about another month but during the Christmas holidays, I should have some free time to get back into it.  One of my good online friends has offered to help out with this site so expect updates from her very soon.  Again, I am sorry that there haven’t been any updates to the site.

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Informal poll
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I’ve done this on a few of my other sites and I’ve really appreciated the visitor feedback so I’m going to do it here as well. Paparazzi photos are getting more and more invasive. And even though Anne has not publicly said (that I can find anyway) that she dislikes having her photo taken while doing day to day things, I can’t imagine that it’s something that she loves. So that leaves me torn… to continue posting candid photos or not? I’d like to hear what you, my loyal visitors have to say on the matter. Please leave your thoughts and “vote” as a comment to this post. Whatever decision is made on the candid photo policy, on the set photos will remain and will continue to be posted to the gallery.

Posted by Lisa on September 01, 2010 • Leave a comment? / 15 Comments

New gallery layout & more set pics from ‘One Day’
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Thanks to my good friend Samantha at Sunflower Girl Designs, we have a stunning and gorgeous and sexy new layout for our gallery. I liked the other one I had up but it was just too dark and gloomy so I asked Sam to create something light for us all. She did an amazing job and I hope you all like it as much as I do.

In mini-celebration, I’ve added some brand new pics of Anne on the set of One Day.  One of them is a bit spoilerish so view at your own risk!  And for that reason, I will not be posting previews in this post.  You can view the album by clicking here.

Posted by Lisa on August 23, 2010 • Leave a comment? / 2 Comments

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