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Anne Hathaway: A Princess Gets Edgy
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Anne Hathaway sits in the corner of a Toronto restaurant, poring over a New York Times crossword puzzle. ”Feel free to contribute!” she says, sliding over to make room for her interviewer. Tonight, Hathaway’s new movie, Rachel Getting Married, will have its splashy North American premiere at the Toronto Film Festival, and the actress will don a fancy frock to do the red-carpet walk-and-wave. But at the moment, she’s enjoying sitting here in jeans and a plaid shirt, sharpening her puzzle-solving skills and chatting about the wild times she had last night. ”I ordered a simple meal, downloaded some episodes of The Tudors, and went to bed nice and early,” she says. Her smile, warm and ear-to-ear, is the same one that made her the idol of the elementary school set when it first flashed across the screen in The Princess Diaries seven years ago. ”You know those girls that, like, go out?” she says, sipping a soy latte. ”I’m just not confident enough to do that. I’m not the sort of girl that will throw on a short skirt and tease her hair up. I feel uncomfortable with attention. Truly, I am a wallflower by nature.” Hathaway’s preference for a low-key life has made her the rare young star not regularly pummeled by the Perez Hiltons of the world — until recently. ”Obviously,” she says, ”this summer was a little different.” (more…)

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